Maltese puppies for sale in greenville nc

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Maltese puppies for sale in greenville nc

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Wishb is a super-lovable little year old girl who can t hear but is very good at looking to people for cues on what to do. She is good with other dogs…. My name is Matisse and Im just shy ofsix years old. My brother Picasso and I recently came to the rescuefrom a nearby shelter. Im not sure why I was….

maltese puppies for sale in greenville nc

Picasso is a fun little guy who has started his search for his new forever home. He came to us after his owners surrendered him and his 2 other siblings…. My name is Gelato; I am a ten year old Maltese mixture who was put in the night slot at the shelter by my previous owners, but I don't know why…. Fiona is an precious and very loving 10yr old girl with lots of spunk and energy. She Adores people and always wants to be near them; she can be vocal….

Ads 1 - 8 of 2, Sort Dogs by Gretta Maltese Adult Female. Breed Maltese. Age Adult. Gender Female. View Details. Polly Maltese Puppy Female. Age Puppy. Wishb - Female Maltese. Matisse Maltese Adult Male. Gender Male.

maltese puppies for sale in greenville nc

Picasso Maltese Adult Male. Gelato Maltese Senior Male. Age Senior. Fiona Maltese Senior Female. Chapel Hill. High Point. Winston Salem.Beautiful sweet and adorable female Maltese puppies available in 2 wks P pad trained right from the beginning and doing very well. Health guaranteed. Please do not email. You can call me or text me at xxx-xxx-xxxx. Female 4 weeks old on April Ready for their forever home in 4 wks. Our puppies are lovable, wel. Beautiful Maltese puppies full of energy and a bundle of joy looking for a loving home.

Absolutely beautiful week Chocolate Goldendoodle puppy, with vet records, 2nd set of s. Hello my name is Max. My wife and I are selling our maltese puppies. They are currently Search Pets. Within 50 miles Within miles Within miles Within miles Within miles Within miles Within miles Within miles Within miles Within miles Within miles Within miles Within miles Within miles Within miles Within miles.

Need help? Please contact contact petzlover. You don't have any messages. Saved Searches. You don't have any ads in your cart. Post new ad.Maltese In North Carolina. I do Ship at buyers expense. A Dog's Prayer. Treat me kindly, my beloved master, for no heart. Do not break my spirit with a stick, for though I should.

maltese puppies for sale in greenville nc

Speak to me often, for your voice is the world's sweetest music. When it is cold and wet, please take me inside Keep my pan filled with fresh water, for although I should not reproach you were it were. I cannot tell you when I suffer thirst. Feed me clean food, that I may stay well,to romp and play and do your bidding to walk by your side,and stand ready, willing and able to protect you. And, my beloved master, should the Great Master see fit to deprive me of my health or sight.

Rather hold me gently in your arms as skilled hands grant me.

Maltese Puppies for Sale

Remember me not with tearful eyes Should you choose to fill my bed, feel no guilt. Love another as you always loved me Deposit Is Half the Selling Price. I Accept Pay Pal. Raised In My Home. Parents on Site. It has very long beautiful hair and small height. It comes on the 5th position among most expensive breeds. These puppies come along with all registration and immunization papers.

They have been house and potty training. They are current on all shots, wormed and are free from all congenital defects. They are small in size and built to the ground. They are healthy, kind, amiable, and loving.

They possess a passive demeanor and have a quirky sense of humor. As for their temperaments I'll assure you that they are loyal,exceedingly affectionate, and deeply devoted. Sizes are from 3 to 10 pounds. If puppies are not picked up in 30 days of being ready No refund and puppy will be resold. My prices out beat all my competitors prices. You can add site to improve your website reputation We added our site under Dogs Directory.

Maltese Puppies for Sale

Payments are excepted through Papal, and Cash. Prefer Cash.

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If you are interested in a puppy please call The Maltese is a popular toy dog breed with ancient origins. Dating back over 2 millennia to Greece, it is by far the oldest toy dog breed in existence. The original breed was almost lost between the 17th and 18th centuries when attempts were made to make the breed too small.

Luckily, the dog breed was saved. The first Maltese is thought to have arrived in the United States in the latter half of the 19th century and first appeared in Westminster Kennel Club shows in the s. They are extremely affectionate with their family and make new friends easily. Although they may be a bit reserved around strangers at first, they warm up quickly and will love to be a part of the group. Generally kid-friendly, they will be a good playmate for your little ones, as long as they are loving and gentle with them as well.

The Maltese is by far the most affectionate and cuddly toy breed there is.

maltese puppies for sale in greenville nc

The Maltese has a sensitive side. Loud noises, thunderstorms, and loud voices may make this breed a bit uneasy. They have a long flowing coat, making them somewhat sensitive to heat, but they also do not care for the cold. They are perfect for apartment living, but prefer not to be left alone for long periods of time, as they are known to long for human companionship and contact.

The health of the Maltese is generally good. The most common concerns are Reverse Sneezing and, although it may sound concerning while it is happening, it is not harmful to the dog.

The Maltese will work fine for novice owners, but obedience training is recommended. Be aware that training this dog breed will require patience and soft discipline because of their sensitive nature. The Maltese coat is long, silky, and straight and is white in color. Of course, one must properly maintain their coat to ensure the truth of that title. If the coat is in a short clip, brushing a few times a week is sufficient to keep their coat tangle and mat-free.

If they have a longer coat, you will need to brush them every day to remove tangles and prevent mats from forming. Maltese will also need to be professionally groomed several times a year.

Proper dental care for dogs includes brushing their teeth or using an enzyme toothpaste every day. You can supplement your efforts with dental hygiene chews as well. The activity level of this breed is moderate, but beware of overexertion as they are very petite and can easily overdo it.

They should enjoy a nice walk with their family and unwind by being their generally playful selves. Maltese were so highly praised in Ancient Greece that tombs were often built for them when they passed.

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If you know you want to stick with a dog that will stay small, here are just a few of the smallest dog breeds for you to consider:.

Not every dog breed is a good fit for all spaces. When to comes to smaller living spaces, these are some of the perfect dogs for apartments. Little dogs are tiny and adorable, but they come with a lot of big responsibilities.

If you're looking for a small breed, you need to know these things. The Maltipoo is a designer dog breed that originated in the United States and is a cross between a Maltese and a Miniature Poodle. Because it is a mixed dog breed, it is not recognized A popular Designer Mixed Breed, the Morkie will be aTooSweet Kennel. North Carolina Maltese. We live out in the country. We have three kids And a Beautiful home. Our Animals are very important to us, and we love each one.

We have a personal vet A.

Maltese Puppies For Sale | Greenville, NC #182610

Inspects our kennel. We always get an excellent rating. We are honest people and enjoy meeting each one of our visitors. We always look forward to seeing everyone get a new puppy, Especially the kids when they get a new puppy for the first time.

All of our Smaller Dogs are kept inside my home, And all of our Puppies are born in my home in there very own room. We have Children so the puppies get lots of love.

Our puppies never go outside. We let our Puppies go at 6 to 8 weeks unless it is a very small breeds and then it will be 10 to 15 weeks to give the puppy time to grow and be very healthy. We enjoy having visitors. We are proud of all our dogs and Puppies, Come visit anytime. Puppies available most of the time. I do offer Stud Service call or Email All our puppies come with a Puppy Guarantee.

We breed for the improvement of each particular breed, the love of the breeds, and for family pets. Mom whelps her puppies in our home and they are kept inside until they go to their new home.There is no cuter companion than a Maltese puppy! Our facility has purebred Maltese puppies for sale that are ready to go home with you today!

Our puppies are not separated from their siblings until they leave with you and they also spend time with people daily, so they are not lacking in social interaction!

On our website you will find in further detail specifics about our individual teacup Maltese puppies, our health guarantee and our nutritional puppy supplement VitaDawg. We are more than happy to answer any questions you have before and after you adopt your little puppy.

We still hear from families that adopted puppies from us months ago! If so, do not hesitate to schedule an appointment so you can meet your new fur baby! The Maltese has a very extensive and elaborate history. This breed has been known by a variety of names throughout the centuries including; "Canis Melitaeus" the "ancient dog of Malta," the "Roman Ladies' Dog," the "Maltese Lion Dog," and "Melita" the former name of Malta. The Maltese has been wrongly called the "Bichon", a name that refers to the family "small long-haired dog" and not the breed.

The Kennel Club officially settled on the name "Maltese" for the breed in the 19th century. Throughout the years the Maltese is thought to have been breed with different breeds depending on the region to keep its size small. It has been linked to a Spitz-type dog found among the Swiss Lake Dwellers and the Tibetan Terrier from Asia; however, the exact origin is unknown. Various writers such as Aristotle, Stephanus of Byzantium, Callimachus and Martial have referred to dogs resembling the Maltese in their writings throughout time.

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In the early 19th century, there were as many as nine different breeds of Maltese dog. The Maltese is known for its pure white coat, but parti-color and solid color dogs were accepted in the show ring from until in England and as late as in Victoria, Australia.

This small and compact dog with round dark eyes, a small dark nose and small drop ears. They are very small, usually ranging from pounds and roughly 10 inches tall.

Maltese Puppies for Sale near Greenville, North Carolina, USA, Page 1 (10 per page)

Depending on parentage and how much they eat, they can be smaller or larger. They are known for their pure white fur; it is typically straight with a soft and silky texture.

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If properly brushed and left untrimmed, their fur can grow to be extremely long but it is common for people to keep their hair trimmed so as to prevent matting. Like their poodle relatives, our micro pups have no undercoat, making them an ideal fit for people with animal fur related allergies. But lets be clear; there is no such thing as a truly hypoallergenic dog. Maltese may lack an undercoat but some of their hair will come out and all dogs shed skin cells; just like humans.

You should be able to snuggle up close with your baby doll face fur baby and be sniffle free! The Maltese may be small, but they make up for their size in personality!

They are loving and highly devoted to their owners.

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They love to play and have no problem being the center of attention. Since they do tend to have some energy, your t-cup Maltese would love to be able to go on a short walk or just spend some time playing with you and their toys. Small dog breeds have been known to be snappish with young children, but if you talk to your children about the importance of being gentle with these tiny teacup Maltese and socialize your puppy at a young age, then your children will have a loving companion to grow up with.

We want our small pups to go to a home that is as loving as they are, so if that is you then contact us!Maltese puppies for sale. List a Pet. Dog Breeds. For Adoption. For Sale. For Sale For Adoption. Raleigh, NC change. Maltese puppies for sale Select a Breed.

Search Location: Raleigh, NC change. Displaying: 1 - 25 of Maltese 9. Cowboy is a two year old Maltese proven stud. He throws small babies. I am not able to care for him due to be getting sick. I would love to find h…. Maltese Puppies Ready by Christmas!

AKC Maltese Malti-poo puppies I have two wonderful litle ten week old malti-poo puppies left. They are super social love to give kisses had there shots and dewormed.

Raised in the…. Malteranian puppies Cute as a button.

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