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A patron at the casino last week has tested positive for Covid, health officials said. Trump is also priming for a Florida rally on Monday and campaign events in Iowa and Pennsylvania later in the week. T he president addressed the large crowd even as the White House refuses to declare that he is no longer contagious and against the guidance of public health officials. The cancelation comes after the commission said it was changing the format of the debate, scheduled for Oct.

Kizito was an iconic activist who dedicated his life to healing the souls of his fellow genocide survivors and rebuilding unity and reconciliation in Rwanda. According to Kisito's words, published on Kizitomihigo. In Aprilafter releasing a critical song challenging the official narrative of the Rwandan genocideMihigo was arrested and charged with planning to oust the government.

The pesticides found in disinfecting wipes may be a concern for children exposed to them. The EPA suggests using soap and water for regular cleaning projects around the house or classrooms as a safer alternative. When it comes to keeping our household healthy, many of us adhere to age-old traditions of keeping a home that is neat, but more importantly, has been deeply-cleansed.